The use of reused materials in Haute Couture

At a time when ecological problems dominate the collective consciousness, the world of Haute Couture is prioritising the fight against waste.

Promoting the recycling of materials is the choice that some Haute Couture brands have made to raise awareness of these practices around the world.

Upcycling is recovering materials that have already been used to transform them and bring them back to life. The goal is not to throw them away and therefore not to waste them and quite naturally, not to pollute more.

This practice is gradually becoming more popular in fashion.

Jean Paul Gautier, for example, explained in one of his latest fashion shows that one of his collections is entirely made from scraps of leftover fabrics already used for his previous collections, purchases in flea markets or clothes found while traveling.

This work is even more meticulous because the challenge of upcycling is to know how to perfectly combine these different materials to make this varied mix into a completely consistent creation.

We can also mention Viktor&Rolf and their patched dresses, Payote’s recycled yarn espadrilles, Armine Ohanyan and their magical recycled plastic dresses and so many others who have embarked on the adventure of reinventing fashion with today’s means and constraints.

Haute Couture has a very significant impact on consumers. Through its reputation and influence it can help to stop this frenzy of the brand-new by making people aware of the harmful impact.

Printemps Haussmann has also taking the initiative by setting up an entirely responsible floor, dedicated to the resale of clothes.

Thanks to this new section at Printemps Haussmann, you can find upcycled and recycled pieces from big brands and promote the world of tomorrow.

This movement can also be seen in the growth of second-hand clothing apps.

You may be familiar with the Vestiaire Collectif app, which allows individuals to buy second-hand luxury items at reduced prices, limiting impulse purchases that quickly end up in the bin.

The history of Chaumet

The history of Chaumet

Chaumet est une maison de Joaillerie fondée en 1780 par Ange-Joseph Aubert, joailler de Marie-Antoinette.

Entre 1804 et 1815, Napoléon s’intéresse aux bijoux dans un but politique afin de montrer la richesse de la France. Il souhaite que le pays soit reconnu pour le centre de création du luxe et de la mode.

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